A born entertainer, Junior has been performing in one way or another his whole life. From an early age he was competing and performing in martial arts demonstrations across the length and breadth of the country. 

    After leaving school Junior signed a Professional football contract, where he played full time for four years, before eventually finding his way  back to combat sports in boxing.

    In his later teens he found a new love for music, in which he began singing, writing and producing his own music. Going on to perform his songs at shows around the country, which led to him being invited to support various artists in concert such as; Method man and red man, Tyga and 50 Cent. 

    A naturally charismatic person who isnt shy infront of a camera, Junior thrives on the excitement of competition and entertaining his audiences.

        Professional Boxing Announcement

         Introduction and announcement on professional boxing journey 

    Majestic Junior X Box Menswear

    Junior teamed up in a commercial with Box Menswear, to promote their brand new sports line.

    The Artist.

    There are many ways to describe Junior, with unique, talented and charismatic just seeming to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to his character: Junior's Music is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Junior does so in just the right way, combining art, story and song in perfect unison.  

    Singles. Collaborations and Covers.

    Below are a mix of singles, collaborations and cover versions. performed, written and/or produced by Junior.

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